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User Info: DarkHysteria

5 years ago#1
I'm gonna get myself super close and then we'll party up after school tomorrow (5:00 est.?) and finish it out. How's it sound?
I got 99 problems, and they all b*****s
Wish I was Jigga, man, carefree livin'

User Info: JmyWhsprs

5 years ago#2
Sounds good.
FC: 2072-1579-5145 56-JmyWhsprs
THE JIMMY[Chief Operator]

User Info: ProudlyHated87

5 years ago#3
JmyWhsprs posted...
Sounds good.
56-Hyper ~ FC: 3539-9062-9773
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User Info: Yoshi_Z16

5 years ago#4
proudlyhated87 posted...
JmyWhsprs posted...
Sounds good.

56-Yosh!: 1346-2654-5671

User Info: GE_NiTeOwL_

5 years ago#5
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