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User Info: litho347

4 years ago#11
betaplay posted...

Snrub - your last vid inspired me to whip out an acog stauger setup (Goldie, you may have noticed). It's pretty fun. I have no recollection of using that ever while leveling up but perhaps I should have. I've also taken a liking to silenced stauger. Used to never use that thing...

yeah, a few months back randy mentioned loving it. i never used it on my original run, and i hadn't up until a couple weeks back on Pink Flag. all of a sudden i was having a bunch of 50 kill games. of course, good lobbies and hosts help, but that setup has been a lot of fun lately, even after hitting 41 on the alt.
goldeneye screen name: iS* Mr. Snrub

User Info: BenitoGE

4 years ago#12
ACOG Stauger is nasty for hosting and/or general lag. Sucks acog is unlocked at 33. I much prefer acog Vargen to the Stauger except for hosting.
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