I really want to play GE.

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User Info: Trenchee

4 years ago#51
aamolina92 posted...
Trenchee posted...
Are you applying that towards child birth?

If so, are you implying what I think you are...?

I hope I'm not the only one here haha.

Haha! I just got that. NO. I wasn't implying anything secret silly. I was trying to stay 'on topic' but I really don't think people mod anymore unless it's offensive so it probably wasn't necessary. In another news, Trench is icky.

I am not. >.>

But I got a good laugh outta that.
FC: 3590-0589-7276 IGN: THE TRENCH
Skype: trenchee1121 ... I'm not always on GE but might log if anyone requests rounds through Skype/PMs<3 #homagepaid
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  3. I really want to play GE.

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