at the people I just played..

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User Info: Andross1989

4 years ago#11
Double0God posted...
Andross1989 posted...
BenitoGE posted...
PointNo1 posted...
I got kicked offline right when the game ended. gg though! tried to keep up with the spawns. :)

GGs. Finally had a 2:1 going and the HQ near the end of the match anyway. Couple that with an earlier lag death at 29-0 and my 30 min of playtime today was a waste.

Beer- if you read this sorry about missing the invites but they were during the two games I described so I wanted to finish them.

yesterday morning i played for 2hr 15min for a total of 0 xp. ended up just turnin off the wii after that.

That's where pot helps, no raging

LOL how true top...yeah ben nice choice of words. it was discusting
Cut Man

User Info: PointNo1

4 years ago#12
THEMACHINE007 posted...
Oh hey Deftones, GGs ;)

ggs Machine! :)

@Ben- that sucks, man.
Main: Aqua Woman/ #Deftones
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