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User Info: Kidney_Punch

4 years ago#1
I'm tired of terrible team mates that think it's a great idea to go hero when we're losing. My FC is below, post yours and I'll add you when I get the chance.
Goldeneye FC is 5270 1797 5719

User Info: Darukai7

4 years ago#2
I may have played you before,but my fc is 114353064175.
Is that a challenge?

User Info: TomasXD12

4 years ago#3
Here is mine
FC: 1400-4494-7729
Please subscribe ;)


4 years ago#4
Mine is 381629160374

User Info: betaplay

4 years ago#5
The sum of my FC is 49. Thanks for asking.
AC is declining in HiS*later days in DC
0570 5537 0386

User Info: EliteCamo53

4 years ago#6
Hey I've played you I'm -CaMo-[CG] you mite recognise me add me!!
-CaMo-[CG] / -CaMo-[CR] my fc 1246-3850-7285

User Info: BenitoGE

4 years ago#7
betaplay posted...
The sum of my FC is 49. Thanks for asking.

Mine's 50. Take that, take that.


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