annoying challenge

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User Info: LL_rTr

5 years ago#1
I was going to post this last week but I figured players would cheat.
no cheating.
cheating is not funny, maybe back in 1801 cheating was fun because it bamboozled countless ppl and helped get away from being burned for witchery.
I'm not to good with history either.

the challenge is to use an open or deleted account. a fresh level one account only because it's the only way to attempt this challenge. who ever can get the most consecutive hit markers spanning through as many matches as you can.
it's annoying like my unedited blocks of text.

once you miss you pretty much have to start over because the games accuracy leader board keeps track. and by using marksmanship on the leader boards will verify your attempts.

toobs don't count. really a hit with the toob does not register. no sitting in a corner and letting friends shoot you. thats cheating. I have been using the hawksman for this challenge.

it is pretty tough.

THE GIST: 100% accuracy with the most consecutive hits,shots fired wins. no cheating. cheating is for witchery. annoying challenge must be done with a new account.
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