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User Info: Nervio_

4 years ago#1
Dude... sorry I sucked tonight, even though we won.
GE Wii FC: Nervio *o 2934-4189-0635

User Info: bsbalIa09

4 years ago#2
Just tonight? hahaha, scrub

- James Bond
-TET-bsballa09 [Chief Troll Assistant]
PSN: bsballa09 tetclam.enjim.con

User Info: jauntie

4 years ago#3
My first team experience was a blast! Nice change of pace from the usual slaughtering I receive in conflict. I play as lamb btw... howdy

User Info: LL_rTr

4 years ago#4
yo, you were doing way better than me.

good game lamb.
I had to leave or or would of stuck around for more. I'm online again.

how was my hosting? I only did better because we played against proxies and masties.
I got to use my proxies. :)

User Info: LL_rTr

4 years ago#5
-the real James Bond,
- P99, out.

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