Good Sniper Challenge

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User Info: Fire_Plover

4 years ago#21
RA-Arizona posted...
TobiasFunk3 posted...
You need to add more rules to make this tougher.

All I could think of at the moment is
- No use of the Talon WA2000 or Gambit
- No Laser (Laser makes it too easy)
- No Proxies or RTMs
- Record for Proof
- Has to be a positive K/D

Good Enough? Or should I remove the Toros but then again Pavlov may give people the rage

Make it 2:1 K/D MINIMUM.
Silenced Pavlov/P99/Hi-Cap/Speed Loader/Mine Sweeper Only?
Would be fun, lol.
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User Info: Stephen_Trainor

4 years ago#22
Trenchee posted...
RA-Arizona posted...
Trenchee posted...
Just make it a variable of a 30-0 Conflict game.

You can loosen the rules a bit that way, like allowing the laser.

I doubt anybody can go flawless with a Sniper in Archives

Where's Steve? We gotta non-believer. x:

I don't believe, but this 15-0 match would've been my best shot:
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User Info: kid0lover

4 years ago#23
Why ban the laser? It doesn't affect a sniper rifle, other than visually.

Why ban the talon, wazoo and gambit, but allow the toros?? They're all equally accurate, the only difference is power and ROF, of which the toros has the best combination.

User Info: Koopa-X

4 years ago#24
RA-Arizona posted...
Can anybody get a positive K/D in Archives using a Sniper without Proxies?
And to make it intresting, No RTMs. Skillz with the Sniper

Record for Proof

:P Good Luck

GE mode, camp near the room right next to the stairs --> easy kills for the number 1,3,5 hack spot. Even total newbs can go positive like that.
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User Info: Neoconkers

4 years ago#25
I went 27-2-3 in Sewer with a Toros once...
Girls = Time x Money. Time = Money. Girls = Money x Money = Money sq.
Money = sqrt Evil: Girls = sqrt Evil sq. Girls = Evil
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