New clan: NERDS!

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User Info: JediKimmy

4 years ago#21
I call /.Hermione.
GS*JediKimmy / [PHX]Ember

User Info: Betrayer-Bot

4 years ago#22

I've never seen a bigger nerd. YT: Salem vs Mew2King APEX 2013

He is "THE NERD"!
Jessica Alba <3 - This message has been marked for moderation
30-Streaks: 127# Last: 36-0(48-3) - Nightclub

User Info: Trenchee

4 years ago#23
/.Mandark reporting in for our next war.
3590-0589-7276 - CLOYSTER* Skype: trenchee1121
5245-9066-0669 - THE TRENCH "Only COWARDS use silencers!"

User Info: Don_Javid

4 years ago#24
/.GFMember here.

u no
Cage FC: 3572-1686-9458

User Info: betaplay

4 years ago#25
Can I be /.Tesla?

(google it, youngins)
i whip my hair back and forth
0570 5537 0386

User Info: RSMiami

4 years ago#26
/.AlbertEinstein reporting in for NERD duty :)
The only time I was wrong, was when I thought I was wrong.
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