Double hero challenge!

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User Info: Yoshi_Z16

4 years ago#1
Find a friend to troll your game on the other team, then both spawn hero and get 30 streaks. Recordings of both players fused into one video would be awesome!
Goldeneye IGN: 56-Yosh!, FC 1346 2654 5671.

User Info: Rollbar_RTM

4 years ago#2
Don't tell us what to do alt'
Nice try ALT!

User Info: MeleeGEWii

4 years ago#3
Rollbar_RTM posted...
Don't tell us what to do alt'

my youtube videos are here--->
GE name is [CD]Melee u*

User Info: MedinaMX

4 years ago#4
No challenge at all.
MK KINTARO - FC: 1229-6801-1628 / -Metis- from the Greek Gods Clan. / [+]Med!na /

User Info: OZMobstah187

4 years ago#5
We used to do that with S2 all the time...
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