Best b**** move ever! :P

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User Info: RSMiami

4 years ago#1
Tonight I played a TC Outpost game against a level 25 player L.L.L.[YAOS] and unfortunately for whoever they were, I did 10 dom'd them en route to a 28-3 score...

In the next lobby, everyone selects Nightclub and the teams are re-arranged and L.L.L.[YAOS] is now on my team. I'm the last one out of the game countdown and I spawn to see L.L.L.[YAOS] melee'ing me in the face mutliple times... I laugh and play the game and start hitting back, but then he turns his Kallos grenadier to his feet and KABOOM. He t00bs himself.

I get on with the game and then six seconds later, KABOOM. The kill feed reads another suicide. Repeat. Repeat. Repeat. Repeat... All the way to -30 and then he quits the lobby! LMAOOOOO! There was nothing else that I could do but laugh. Best b**** move I've ever seen.

PS: We obviously lost the game, but I did manage to pull the game back to 26-40 after our handicap. Lol.
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User Info: 199johnd

4 years ago#2
That was Joker.


User Info: RotA_Exodia

4 years ago#3
Wannabe Betrayer.
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User Info: TobiasFunk3

4 years ago#4
A guy on the other team did that in heroes vs. me and the party I was with recently: [v]miku I think it was. I guess he thought that would make us quit, lol.
iS*Funke, -Apollo-

User Info: BenitoGE

4 years ago#5
I see random people doing this all the time only to quit before the game ends? Yes that is a question. As in why.

The craziest part is that the Lakers beat someone good last night?

User Info: Koopa-X

4 years ago#6
Go Lakers,
too bad Rondo is out for the season though.
He self-destructed.
[X]Koopa 1994-0029-2967

User Info: Good_Ant

4 years ago#7
I love that guy. ;)
Wait til he gets his a** handed to him when he's 56 in the same type of scenario. He's going to be following his new teammate (past dominator) around the map trying to glue a proxy to his head. <--- and...of course....this makes sense to me. heh. Super B****.
z Fox

User Info: JmyWhsprs

4 years ago#8
Love dis'game
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User Info: Joker694

4 years ago#9
199johnd posted...
That was Joker.


I showed him!

User Info: 199johnd

4 years ago#10
Joker694 posted...
199johnd posted...
That was Joker.


I showed him!

Yeah! Right on! He'll never Dom you again.

I'd like to x
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