My Friend List, and looking for friends. :)

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User Info: MedinaMX

4 years ago#51
stapey2351 posted...

Adding you right now!
MK KINTARO - FC: 1229-6801-1628 / -Metis- from the Greek Gods Clan. / [+]Med!na /

User Info: kristianj99

4 years ago#52
MedinaMX posted...
kristianj99 posted...
We can be more than friends if you want

Ill add you on TrevBndo[E7] if that's ok

More than friends? Betrayer-Bot is gonna be piss! I like it ;) hahaha...i'll add you as soon as I get on :) My FC is on my signature.

Completely forgot about this lol.. will add you next time I get on
GE - mistake, 51, FC: 151739886145 TrevBndo[E7], 20, FC: 0261-1759-3100
NNID - kristianj99

User Info: qc-benroch

4 years ago#53
stapey2351 posted...

Sure, what's your FC?

User Info: PatriotTP

4 years ago#54
From: MedinaMX | #050
PatriotTP posted...
I'll add ya, but idk if you hate me or not. :o

Sure, what's your FC?

I'll PM it to ya. :)
Goldeneye Wii - Mr.Mini / PSN: MrMinigun13
Beta Version Of GoldenPortal, my new site! check it out! :)

User Info: JapaneseStudent

4 years ago#55
MedinaMX posted...
JapaneseStudent posted...
Hello, can I add you? If OK, I'll add you on this weekend.

For sure, just let me know when you add me to add you back!

I have added you. Please add me back.
Dr.Science: 332006404088
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