Noises of the game, Tips.

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User Info: litho347

4 years ago#11
BenitoGE posted...
LL_rTr posted...
Cool. So you know when you can be just camping sometimes? And you hear some footsteps? You should know where the footsteps are coming from. So, here is the thread.

On jungle, if inside the console 5 bunker, you can hear pitter patter above you, but do you know what causes the sound? Its the wooden planks laid on the ground. Dont step on them.

Outpost has a big obvious one. When under the burnt plane, loud metal banging indicates a player running at the plane.

Wood and metal? Damn, u have some fine ears there!

Staple, you've heard the mysterious Indy noises?? Snrub (I think it was him) was telling me he heard weird animal noises that were possibly rabid monkeys..and I laughed and laughed.

Told Ry that I heard rabid monkeys, or dogs, or maybe even a wounded owl, during the end-of-game score screen at Industrial.
Ry said I had teh "ear cancer."

i do need to purposefully end a match there though, while recording. it's eerie. hold me.
iS* Mr. Snrub / DIG DUG / Crudos
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