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User Info: TheDarkShot007

4 years ago#11
THENOSE007 posted...
These 3 nouns are the pivotal attributes of what THE calls a "COWARD."
It's like how someone mentioned Barry Bonds on BEARD's Thread.....
That COWARD went on for 2 years in the United States claiiming greatness. What was he? A dirty, rotten, down to the apple core, filthy validation seeker!
This is running rampant on the game and the board.
I urged GAME not to participate in these clan wars b/c of this deadly sin of behavior from the opposition.
Look at OZ and their rules to this! (noted mind you of THE BEARD's precise detective and intuition work in his thread THE vs OZ SHAM)
1. in particular 42 level cap!?
They were all 56!
It was told to GAME by SHOT that some OZ players were under 42nd level and such...
GAME gets there and all 56, demanding teamconflict, and coincidentally no video recording..

Now I could go on with this especially the pressure cooker of this inneudo confession!

Tomie_x7 posted...
I used homebrew to change my region to Argentina.
Why is it cheating? If you're referring to hacks, fyi I finished last in the two games I played. Hell I even hosted the second game.
THE lost to OZ, get over it.

>Admits to using HomeBrew in the war.
>Asks "Why is it cheating?"
GoldenEye: Aether'/RC : 0953-0826-2559 | NNID: FruitNukes

BUT no need to.....
There are so many masqueraded validation seekers posting on this board as we speak.
They know who they are.
The question is, DO YOU.......

"THE" CLAN. One shot to put a SCRUB down. "THE" SHOT

User Info: CygnusEcho

4 years ago#12
Cap was 42 as per League rules. Just sayin. Though, as of last night (immediately prior to MK's war), that rule has been lifted, and clans can now decide the cap as they see fit.
We are.......MK ERMAC
((((4893 9284 3912)))

User Info: Mathius_007

4 years ago#13
You mean we should allow hormone inducing drugs to be legal in athletics? Who cares about the health risks of using such drugs... Who cares that some people still would like to compete on a level playing field, and don't feel like risking their health in order to make sure that playing field is even. You see the problem? Some athletes don't want to die or put themselves in greater risk of getting cancer. Some athletes, myself included, would like to attempt to push their bodies to their limits without using drugs. I disagree with the sentiment that "Athletes are purely entertainment for non-athletes, and should be subjected to bodily harm so that non-athletes can be entertained." I'm all for MMA, football, rugby, wrestling, boxing... I don't think these athletes should have to do drugs to keep up with the people they are competing against, because the "great athletes" are all doing drugs to be great.
http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UzzCthKw_C0&feature=player_embedded THE BEARD, iS* Matty, Heracles. If your dad doesn't have a beard, you've got 2 mums

User Info: LL_rTr

4 years ago#14
As a non- athlete, i do look at athletes as entertainers. What are they doing for anyone but themselves? I can agree sports would continue without fans. We become fans of athletes based on a few characteristics. Involving ones self into a sport, bodily harm is inevitable.

Restrictions for doping in athletics is a fan based strategy. Once again, sports is for entertainment. If its not, Then let us shut down the broadcasts. Some athletes get paid, these are the athletes who we watch and restrict doping. Allow those who wish to dope and perform, perform. As we watch the unfolding of thier lives is how we will conclude which path of athleticism we choose. We do learn from our mistakes.

User Info: Mathius_007

4 years ago#15
http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UzzCthKw_C0&feature=player_embedded THE BEARD, iS* Matty, Heracles. If your dad doesn't have a beard, you've got 2 mums

User Info: Mathius_007

4 years ago#16
What is anyone doing for anyone but themselves?
http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UzzCthKw_C0&feature=player_embedded THE BEARD, iS* Matty, Heracles. If your dad doesn't have a beard, you've got 2 mums

User Info: LL_rTr

4 years ago#17
Almost always true.

GREAt Topic ;)

User Info: THENOSE007

4 years ago#18
I come now and say I am not impressed>
56 Kev and 56 Mac ,, even with your wii motes you can't even square it up.
5 games I was the only one on my team who didnt go neg.(except the docks game where finally someone on my team went positive.)
What does that say?
If I had some of THE's best what would of happened?
I 'm not scared to run alone.
You guys play the same.
NO innovation.
Predictable scrubs!

Oh thanks for the host run in the outpost.
Nice teaming up with you TMop.
Your name is your virtue.

User Info: halfamilvic

4 years ago#19
I bet their hands were sweating! NOSE You are a pound for pound the best player in Goldeneye that I have ever seen. You bring and add so much innovation in this game that anyone's MIND can't even comprehend!

I have played with them all NOSE! I have teamed up with them all! When you and I play together NOSE you add this innovation, order, integrity, value, tactics and strategy, the best of them all!

People will 1Day understand what I'm talking about! If I can give a nickel to any piggy bank that I have in my home of how much of the same, mundane,, rote, of game playing, it just drives me mad to think that when is it all gonna change. What is the sequence of this game play all these robots and also not to mention hacking validation seeking scrubs!
You have been defeated by THE GAME, not me the actual game. SCRUBS!

User Info: catcool246

4 years ago#20
LL_rTr posted...
Juicing should be allowed. These are athletes (ENTERTAINERS). They push their bodies to the limit. I would love to see over charged athletes combating. It is a step into human evolution. Let them for our sake show us what is possible.

Honestly, this attitude is what is ruining sport, game, and society as a whole, really. Self-indulgent, greedy, and brazen disrespect for honesty and transparency in competition or anywhere.

Ruins sports, ruins GE, ruins the world.

Not to mention the fact that in doing that you are condemning all athletes to terrible, misshapen lives. By making it allowed, you would be forced to use them even to just compete at all. Women athletes will start growing facial hair and go infertile and the men will grow knockers and have their nuts shrivel up, also infertile?
No thanks.
[0423-2462-4174] << THE CAT
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