E7 want a PAL clan war!

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User Info: Stephen_Trainor

4 years ago#21
I totally forgot about this. And I'll be out tonight.
NNID: SteveTrain

User Info: Koopa-X

4 years ago#22
That's okay, Trev can't make it either.
So E7 couldn't field a team today anyaways.
Koopa-E7 1994-0029-2967

User Info: kristianj99

4 years ago#23
Waffelzz posted...
What is E7? (No troll)

Its a drug that gets you high instantly
GE - mistake, 53, FC: 151739886145 TrevBndo[E7], 23, FC: 0261-1759-3100
NNID - kristianj99
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  3. E7 want a PAL clan war!

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