Reflex vs. A-COG

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User Info: easter85

4 years ago#1
Read Description First - Results (39 votes)
38.46% (15 votes)
41.03% (16 votes)
no sight at all. Use the standard Iron sights
20.51% (8 votes)
This poll is now closed.
You all probably know I am a low level. I have fallen in love with the Sigmus, and currently use an reflex. I dont know whether to put on the acog instead. What do you think. I find the Acog annoying, but if it will help with aim, then i am willing to replace my reflex.
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User Info: Don_Javid

4 years ago#2
Sig 9 with laser or silencer. HH and SS.
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User Info: madghei

4 years ago#3
I hope by sigmus, you mean sigmus 9. As I said before, the ACOG is pretty much useless for the Sig 9 because the sight takes up a lot of space on you screen. The reflex also allows a larger peripheral view than ACOG with not as much zoom (which I personally like).

Once you get silencer and laser, you should really not be using an optical sight on your gun at all; those two are pretty much the only worthwhile attachments once you unlock them.

Lv 20- Silencer
Lv 23- Laser
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User Info: double0steve

4 years ago#4
REFLEX!!! i reflex everything.
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User Info: ImTheLoneWolf

4 years ago#5
Black Holes over Yellow Circles.

User Info: Waffelzz

4 years ago#6
Acog. Reflex sucks man.
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User Info: titoDiaz

4 years ago#7
Both are for noobs

User Info: _Voltage_

4 years ago#8
ImTheLoneWolf posted...
Black Holes over Yellow Circles.
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User Info: Joker694

4 years ago#9
Dont ever use acog on anything
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User Info: eureka13

4 years ago#10
Don_Javid posted...
Sig 9 with laser or silencer. HH and SS.

Sig9 NOT the sigmus. Only use silencer until you get used to the maps, then open her up with Laser. This way you dont have to look for people, they come to you ;) Reflex and ACOG are just too big on the gun. Add heavyhitter (HH) and snapshot (SS) this is your best loadout till strata at level 45
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