Reflex vs. A-COG

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User Info: Koopa-X

4 years ago#11
If you are that lowlvl, how can you be using the ACOG?
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User Info: Waffelzz

4 years ago#12
Koopa-X posted...
If you are that lowlvl, how can you be using the ACOG?

Preset. :P
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User Info: Fire_Plover

4 years ago#13
ACOG would be my preference, however on some guns the Reflex works better (Like the Vargen; I personally like the ReflexRedDot Sight on it).
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User Info: BenitoGE

4 years ago#14
Acog over reflex on vargen, stauger, kallos? I go back n forth with these two more than any other. All preference. Acog generally prohibits hip firing much more than reflex but, iirc, sig9 sight sizes r same for these two.

Also, don't confuse sig n sig9 ever again. ;)

User Info: MK_Reptile007

4 years ago#15
Joker694 posted...
Dont ever use acog on anything


User Info: Nervio_

4 years ago#16

I vote ACOG, it is better suited for some Assault rifles, while RS is most for SMG's, the exception would be Stauger as it's range is better than sig-9, then I would equip sig-9 with RS, or a laser, or even a silencer, since it is the best for CQC; while the staug would fit better with an ACOG sight for mid-to-long range targets.

On rifles, I would say the (ugh! [I REALLY hate the alt name]) "Ivanna" would be better with ACOG, and RS would fit the "cuerno de chivo" better.

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User Info: CygnusEcho

4 years ago#17
Reflex. No contest.
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User Info: F0C

4 years ago#18
ACOG or laser depending on the map...reflex is pap, as is the want them to see you on the map, like moths to a flame
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