MK vs CD

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User Info: CygnusEcho

4 years ago#1
This should be tomorrow between 8-9pm est. My vote goes to 52-54 ban for the cap.
We are.......MK ERMAC
((((4893 9284 3912)))

User Info: madghei

4 years ago#2
Sounds good. I should be able to make it.
Mila*/RC aka THE BROTHER... It's always THE BROTHER: 1717-8549-4653

User Info: TheAce00

4 years ago#3
i prefer 8 pm east dude, i might be able to make it and have some fun against u guys
JYA, Drummer00/ Legends: CrAzyM3xiCanJYA

User Info: Don_Javid

4 years ago#4
Cage FC: 3572-1686-9458
NNID: Don_Javid

User Info: yuan713

4 years ago#5
Don_Javid posted...

If MK doesn`t have enough people, I can play for yall
As MK Lu Kang
So you come like moths to the flames Yuan[MG]

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