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User Info: VoxRationis

4 years ago#1
Want to test your skills against Goldeneye Wii's best players? Think you have what it takes to prove yourself on the big stage? Want your name to go down in the book of all-time great players? Or do you just want to get involved in some old-fashioned GoldenEye chaos?

With the help of a few others, I'm in the process of formulating an idea to try and inject some rivalry and excitement back into GoldenEye Wii.

My idea revolves around dividing all active GE players into two opposing sides, each with equal number of PAL and NTSCs.
Each team would be given a set of "Champions", with some GE Legends turning up for one last appearance.

Teams would then roam the modes in parties of their team, and get into skirmishes with parties of their own and the opposing team. Get to know their allies and make call-out threads aimed at their foes.
Teams would each elect a couple of leaders, one NTSC, one PAL. This isn't essential, but would help with pulling together lineups.
We would then organise a series of events, such as straight up TC wars, BlackBox matches, GoldenEye mode, Melee only, Drinking Competitions etc
Leaders would select a team or two from whoever happens to turn up or be available at the time, and enable bedlam to ensue. Because of the large number of participants included, this should always be possible, potentially for several games occurring at one time.
This would hopefully result in some close encounters, someone getting pwned, massive lag, people ragequitting, hacking accusations, and a flamewar on the boards.

The reason I want to try this idea is for some more competition and enjoyment from the game.
GE clans are pretty much not relevant anymore, that much is sure. Having clans of 2-3 people doesn't really allow for any competition.
When I say include all active GE players, I would mean literally everybody, including new players, and all-time elites alike.
GE is too divided and there are too few active players to not be all-inclusive at this stage.

I've put some feelers out, and there seems to be some interest in this. I'm hoping to bring some big names back out of retirement for one-time only. If you fancy being involved, let me know, and watch this space.

Prepare yourself...
...for mayhem.
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User Info: MedinaMX

4 years ago#2
I'm so down for this. I'm willing to be part of this and face the great players that GE can offer :) sign me up for this buddie! C'mon guys, let's give GE a last chance :)
MK KINTARO - FC: 1229-6801-1628 / -Metis- from the Greek Gods Clan. / [+]Med!na /

User Info: Kukumber_Kev

4 years ago#3
Something exciting for once... Good idea Vox. Count me in! It's be nice to play with others I haven't played.
NNID ~ NeonRust

User Info: TMac987654321

4 years ago#4
Bring back cyber so he can get beat up by E7

User Info: PatriotTP

4 years ago#5
*Interest gained*

This doesn't seem like some generic idea to make some super cool awesome clan that's gonna get so many recruits and be active for a week then die.

Sign me down.
GE Wii: Mr.Mini / SmackHAX of the Fight Club!
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User Info: Deeds_

4 years ago#6
I am interested, and think this should happen.
NNID's = Teabag and Dungeon

User Info: JmyWhsprs

4 years ago#7
As discussed, I'm totally down for this.

FC: 2072-1579-5145 56-JmyWhsprs
[Chief Operator]NNID:JmyWhsprs, [56] JmyWhsprs

User Info: tk_v

4 years ago#8
I'm still active. This is the only game I have. Sign meh up :)
[TB]V * RTMmagnet * BulletSponge * Melee Practitioner

User Info: Joker694

4 years ago#9
As discussed, I will pwn everyone at this

User Info: ConBonMon

4 years ago#10
Sounds fun
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