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User Info: VoxRationis

4 years ago#1
This is a call to arms! Gather soldiers! Time to go to war!
(Official Salvation theme, sponsored by MK ERMAC)

The battle lines have been drawn, the GE police have trebled their on-duty officers, and the Countdown to Salvation has struck zero.

Here are the teams:

Ivana Venom

1 Ivana Venom AERODACTYL*
2 Ivana Venom Goldie
3 Ivana Venom Johnny D*
4 Ivana Venom Sadlad
5 Ivana Venom RotA/Exodius
6 Ivana Venom Yoshi
7 Ivana Venom Wry
8 Ivana Venom Steve
9 Ivana Venom Manny
10 Ivana Venom FAR FETCH'D*
11 Ivana Venom HAARP
12 Ivana Venom Deeds

1 Ivana Venom Great-Dane
2 Ivana Venom Queeny
3 Ivana Venom Kev
4 Ivana Venom Reptile
5 Ivana Venom ProudlyHated
6 Ivana Venom Rollbar
7 Ivana Venom JYA
8 Ivana Venom Justified
9 Ivana Venom Jmy
10 Ivana Venom CaMo
11 Ivana Venom Waffelzz
12 Ivana Venom Singh
13 Ivana Venom coffee
14 Ivana Venom DWD
15 Ivana Venom Kadurpee
16 Ivana Venom V
17 Ivana Venom slater
18 Ivana Venom Gray-Fox
19 Ivana Venom MERKOZ
20 Ivana Venom Skogs
21 Ivana Venom hot lunch
22 Ivana Venom Mr.Mini
23 Ivana Venom Ermac
24 Ivana Venom Legend
25 Ivana Venom Psyduck

Strata Fury

13 Strata Fury Fifer*
14 Strata Fury BlackEcho
15 Strata Fury Koopa
16 Strata Fury Kalypso*
17 Strata Fury Crazy Bacon
18 Strata Fury TrevBndo
19 Strata Fury KADABRA*
20 Strata Fury Enzo
21 Strata Fury LarXCrew
22 Strata Fury Mr. Bont
23 Strata Fury Vox
24 Strata Fury Betrayer-Bot

26 Strata Fury Joker
27 Strata Fury 00Steve
28 Strata Fury Ellis
29 Strata Fury Meghan
30 Strata Fury Bakura
31 Strata Fury Aether
32 Strata Fury Medina
33 Strata Fury BULBASAUR*
34 Strata Fury T-Mac
35 Strata Fury BK99
36 Strata Fury WerePig
37 Strata Fury Savi
38 Strata Fury Roboman
39 Strata Fury Ry
40 Strata Fury Stryker
41 Strata Fury Charge Man
42 Strata Fury RonWhite
43 Strata Fury Cage
44 Strata Fury icantshoot
45 Strata Fury Zapdos
46 Strata Fury ConBonMon
47 Strata Fury tito
48 Strata Fury ZAV
49 Strata Fury ChunLiS*Thys
50 Strata Fury Mila

First weekend is heroes, this is to warm up, and to get to know your allies. No wars are required, though 4v4 skirmishes strongly encouraged. Black Box week commences on Monday 11 March, with wars to take place Friday 15 - Sunday 17 March.

See the Salvation site for full information, dates of competition, chat, teams, and challenges.

Prepare yourself...
...for mayhem.
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User Info: tk_v

4 years ago#2
[IV]V...? aight then
V][X * RTMmagnet * BulletSponge * Melee Practitioner

User Info: Joker694

4 years ago#3
Im first on the list for my team, Im team captain.

User Info: Fire_Plover

4 years ago#4
Man, this is going to be awesome.
GoldenEye: Aether'/RC : 0953-0826-2559 | NNID: FruitNukes | # of times I have Glitched PH: 1337

User Info: tk_v

4 years ago#5
Ivana PAL team is STACKED
V][X * RTMmagnet * BulletSponge * Melee Practitioner

User Info: itsover8999

4 years ago#6
NNID: Kadurrpee

User Info: ronXwhite

4 years ago#7
itsover8999 posted...


[RS]Mikestasi - RedScreen Clan Boi
Check out my first CoD Episode!

User Info: itsover8999

4 years ago#8
ronXwhite posted...
itsover8999 posted...



you can blame it all on....VOX

NNID: Kadurrpee

User Info: Waffelzz

4 years ago#9
Not on Meghan's team. WTF.
[TP]/[SC]/[TB]Waffelzz: Official Recruiter of [RS]

User Info: TMac987654321

4 years ago#10
Why is Ermac not on my team?
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