Secondary Clan????

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User Info: DarxWingDuck

4 years ago#11
AbSpirit posted...
Any clan wanna recruit me for my secondary profile??.
(I kinda wanna go on (W.44)

A lot of people say I hack, but I don't and I proved that to Darukai yesterday

Lvl 30


User Info: Koopa-X

4 years ago#12
So how many AB Spirit have been sold by now?
I'm told melee and Camo troll into the package.
Limited offer kinda thing.
>Flemish/Koopa 1994-0029-2967

User Info: Avian_GE

4 years ago#13
AbSpirit posted...
TurtlesFC_alt posted...
AbSpirit posted...
SourGrapey24 posted...
Ab you're pretty sick, you can definitely be in [W.44]

Thanks, youre like the only person in this gamefaqs that has said something positive to me

It gr8 at dis game, that makes 2 ppl.
Now join us at W.44 were u r welcome and ur talent will be appreciated :)


Abspirit Inb4ugo2chat
CAMO* Skype- Avian_camo- GT- Cyber xCamo... Number of times Flash and Skilled have deleted me 69 and counting.
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