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User Info: MeleeGEWii

4 years ago#11
don't join TB there bad
GE name is Melee u/CD
youtube channel PSN_Gaming-Soldier55

User Info: GoldeneyeFan99

4 years ago#12
U can see for urself if we suck or not, I'm just asking if ud like a trial to join us?
[TB]Or NotTB:138011493714 ~[W.44]Turtle:431440373293
TurtlesFC_alt = GoldeneyFan99

User Info: MedinaMX

4 years ago#13
Happy Birthday to 00Steve!!!! :)
MK KINTARO - FC: 1229-6801-1628 / -Metis- from the Greek Gods Clan. / [+]Med!na /

User Info: TurtlesFC_alt

4 years ago#14
TB is good, you get a free pet turtle if u join us!!! :)
[TB]Or NotTB: 138011493714 ~ [W.44]Turtle: 431440373293 ~ Official leader of [TB]
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