How often do you hit continue game by accident?

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  3. How often do you hit continue game by accident?

User Info: Blaze1436

4 years ago#1
Myself, I'd say once every week or two weeks. Mostly when I'm spamming a without paying attention.

How about everyone else?
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User Info: MK_Kitana

4 years ago#2
Do I even lift?

User Info: ProudAsAPro

4 years ago#3
Yea thats a great way to take the bisquit after your wii's frozen then you have to go to the storyline of trevyalan and Bond in the sewers where they bet on the booze. Bond wins ;) cos im thirsty :D
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User Info: 007_6RAY

4 years ago#4
I hit it kinda a lot lol
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User Info: GoldenRy

4 years ago#5
Excellent thread!

I've hit it like 3 times -- so annoying.
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User Info: PatriotTP

4 years ago#6
Countless times...
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User Info: Rollbar_RTM

4 years ago#7
Once a month, its annoying as hell.
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User Info: F0C

4 years ago#8
...this is not the thread you're looking for...

...move along, move along...
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User Info: F2G1

4 years ago#9
I hit it about couple times per week and rarely I appear in the same Stage.
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User Info: apGE

4 years ago#10
lmao. anytime im in chat and signing on, i always hit continue game -__- and then i have to hear annoying lol
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  3. How often do you hit continue game by accident?

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