What if I started a clan?

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User Info: Callmii360

4 years ago#1
If I started a clan would u join?
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User Info: 007WerePig

4 years ago#2
I might. depending on level reqs, kdr, and whether or not my clan is actually active.
"I'm [TB]Were-Pig, and I approve this message"

User Info: Gray-Fox007

4 years ago#3
Why making new clans? Why not joining one that already exists?
Do the new clans out there even war?
"Laying Proximity Mine"

User Info: titoDiaz

4 years ago#4
GE is dead

User Info: DonKain420

4 years ago#5
titoDiaz posted...
GE is dead

If it exists there is porn of it

User Info: CatchMyFade16

4 years ago#6
titoDiaz posted...
GE is dead
Robot Master Elec Man- FC: 0162-2002-1516
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