Your Kill/Death Ratio?

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User Info: StarGrox

4 years ago#1
Level 24 .77

lol I suck the name of fun.
Keep on keepin' on.

User Info: AbSpirit

4 years ago#2
On my alt: 5.54
On my main: 1.17

Notice the Difference

10000 *XP or {OZ}SKDPenna - That's me !!

User Info: TurtlesFC_alt

4 years ago#3
U finally want the truth ppl? (Even if u don't, I'm saying it anyway!)
Main 56-1.1
Alt 29-2.4

There, I culdnt care less bout anyone's KDR, if someone wants to join TB, I will NEVER take it into account!!!

I hardly ever try hard, ask anyone I play wiv! 90% of the time I use AK or PT-9
[T]oo[B]east: 1380-1149-3714 ~ [W.44]Turtle: 4314-4037-3293 ~ Official leader of [TB] ~ Skype me: turtlesfc

User Info: GE4EVER

4 years ago#4
[CG]Cyborg 3059-1307-1332

User Info: 007WerePig

4 years ago#5
Main: (55) 1.6
Alt: (26) 1.9
Alt (18) 2.3

Yeah, my KDR sucks. But I don't care. It's mostly because I prefer playing "better" players anyway.
"I'm [TB]Were-Pig, and I approve this message"

User Info: 00McQueen

4 years ago#6
GE4EVER posted...

Hi, Cyber!
iS*McQueen (2731-6076-1645) = Magnet Man (2799-0884-6414) = melee-only: Kirk Fu (5138-0321-4530)

User Info: Rollbar_RTM

4 years ago#7
Main: 1:30

Secret alt: 3:00 swooosh!
Slik/ Karate Chop/ THE HOMEBOY

User Info: Yoshi_Z16

4 years ago#8
Main (90k kills) 1.90
Alt (20k kills) 2.64
Melee only account 1.10
Goldeneye IGN: 56-Yosh!, FC 1346 2654 5671.

User Info: double0steve

4 years ago#9
my BAC is usually higher than my kdr.
Official Peace-Outer of GE.

User Info: Don_Javid

4 years ago#10
double0steve posted...
my BAC is usually higher than my kdr.

Cage FC: 3572-1686-9458
NNID: Don_Javid
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