Anyone tried their Wii from a hotel?

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User Info: TobiasFunk3

4 years ago#21
betaplay posted...

Ouch. I made the right choice.

That's actually nowhere near as bad as you think compared to what some people here play on. It actually could have resulted in pretty good lag comp/the ability to kill quickly. Sadly, that upload is quicker than mine. :P
iS*Funke, -Apollo-

User Info: ZappaFan007

4 years ago#22
I played in a hotel in Peace River, Alberta. I doubt there were many people in North America playing further north than me. The connection was better than the one at :/

User Info: HC_MannyXOXO

4 years ago#23
I pay for my room by the hour so I don't really have enough time to check the connection. Sorry, wish I could help. :(
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  3. Anyone tried their Wii from a hotel?

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