Best goldeneye video quality?

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User Info: TheG6PoloKing

4 years ago#1
Hey guys just check out my newest video and tell me what you think of my new quality! And DEFFFF watch it in 720p HD! keep in mind that I DONT have a capture card!

I hope you can take a second to check up on this video :) its a 36-7 gameplay at outpost on heroes that I got with my buddy G6-127
Check me out!! Http:// [G6]PoloKing, proud owner of the G6 clan.

User Info: pokeman4512

4 years ago#2
Not bad :D Hey we should have a G6 reunion like 009andathrid suggested. When's a good time, over the summer maybe?
What's the charge for getting thrown out of a moving vehicle then?! J-walking?!

User Info: easter85

4 years ago#3
[GoldenEye] easter85: 5215-8904-4110
[Conduit2] easter85: 3998-3706-8643

User Info: LL_rTr

4 years ago#4
Good quality vid. Beats what I have.
15 and out isn't bad for a hero on the run. :)

Add me 519467514121.
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