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User Info: double0steve

4 years ago#21
SAAD_PANDA posted...
You are not cool unless you piss your pants.

If peeing your pants is cool, consider me Miles Davis.
(Former) Official Peace-Outer of GE.

User Info: JmyWhsprs

4 years ago#22

M56 > CP
FC: 2072-1579-5145 [Chief Operator]NNID:JmyWhsprs, [GE] JmyWhsprs, 56-JmyWhsprs

User Info: knightsp29

4 years ago#23
titoDiaz posted...
I'm in you
GE 007 FC: 3988-8644-6749 56-Z:Majora
3DS FC: 1934-0669-1230 Michael

User Info: eureka13

4 years ago#24
I have a boosted 56 profile, or legit 28 profile not spoken for.... ??

.... and havent played ANY shooters for over a month, GE in months... but I could get fired up quickly,...?

User Info: ProudlyHated74

4 years ago#25
JmyWhsprs posted...

M56 > CP
56-Hyper ~ FC: 3539-9062-9773
YT Account:

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