anyone know who Lee is? played him?

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  3. anyone know who Lee is? played him?

User Info: rshooty

4 years ago#11
Archives: long hallway (on the side), masty prox
Jungle: top of Janus (usually) masty and thermal toros/talon (I forget which), or the MI6 spawn back corner.
Outpost: MI6 building, proxies at either entrance while he sits/runs between doors inside.
Nightclub: I think he usually camps the green room with masty. Proxy at the stairs going up to it from MI6 side.
Docks: Top floor of the building, getting spawn kills.

Not sure about the other maps but these are most commonly picked for conflict. He does the same thing every game. Tampa can add any knowledge he may have on the subject.

@JapaneseStudent How do you know he's Japanese?
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User Info: JapaneseStudent

4 years ago#12
rshooty posted...
@JapaneseStudent How do you know he's Japanese?

I found him on the Japanese players' ranking
if I remember. I admit he is a good player because he doesn't quit even if I completely own him on my low-level account.
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User Info: 007WerePig

4 years ago#13
SourGrapey24 posted...
I strongly enjoy playing against Lee as I usually ALWAYS play Conflict. Most of the time he doesn't use proxies, and the rare times he does, he uses them tastefully (i.e he only uses them to protect himself while he's sniping or something like that, not just throwing them down willynilly to get kills and spam.) I would enjoy adding him if he were on these boards.

I played him in 6 matches of conflict earlier today, and enjoyed destroying his spamming face every game! He chose a place and camped near there every map, and spammed the heck out of everybody.
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  3. anyone know who Lee is? played him?

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