QuS clan? (Dr. Science)

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User Info: 199johnd

4 years ago#21
The narcissist in me would really like to know if my name has come up on the Japanese discussion boards or whether anyone has any videos with me in them please....


Johnny D*

User Info: TurtlesFC_alt

4 years ago#22
JapaneseStudent posted...
I added you guys on my QuS account. Please wait for a few days to add you on my main. I'm sure I'm gonna add you.

And yeah. we already added each other Turtles. I just have to say [Qu$]Mars is not an official QuS member. He was just trolling...But I know he is a great player though.

Fix'd and lol :)
TURTLES: 1380-1149-3714
[W.44]Father: 4314-4037-3293 ~ YT: turtlesfcge
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