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User Info: SDPJasum

4 years ago#11
Skylord Enel, Earthlord X, Firelord Elm, Waterlord AA

User Info: Red_Sonja_GE

4 years ago#12
SDPJasum posted...

I had a feeling it was a board member I was up against. Good game indeed. Thanks for the welcome (; Good remotes as well, brother~
"No man may have me, unless he's beaten me in a fair fight"~

User Info: MeleeGEWii

4 years ago#13
Albel_Nox_GE posted...
MeleeGEWii posted...
It's Swordsmen not swordsman lol.

Confirmed Swordsmen~

Sorry wrong account.
GE/Melee u/CD__ PSN_Gaming-Soldier55
youtube channel--->http://www.youtube.com/user/GoldeneyeWiiSoldier/featured/
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