How come I have never ever hosted a game of GE?

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  3. How come I have never ever hosted a game of GE?

User Info: Good_Ant

4 years ago#11
Joker694 posted...
You dont want to host, hosting makes you lag then you do bad and people think you are bad! Hosting sucks!!

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User Info: ProRocksYTUBE

4 years ago#12
When I turn region ON then I can't find a single game even if I keep looking for the whole day. If I turn region on and have a full party can we make a game?
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User Info: MeleeGEWii

4 years ago#13
Because you are lucky.
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User Info: Thecross10

4 years ago#14
ProRocksYTUBE posted...
This is possible and true I may be the first or only. I want to know how I could host and why I'm not D:

because it chooses the host by highest skill level. no host!

lol....i am just kidding. be thankful you dont sucks!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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User Info: Nikra

4 years ago#15
I always avoid hosting if possible. For some odd reason I always lag when hosting. Even though i have an 11mb down/11mb up and 15 ping. And I'm the only one using my Internet connection.

User Info: HC_MannyXOXO

4 years ago#16
uh.....dont ask me for help cuz it can be really easy or very complicated if you don't follow the steps.

If you are unable to host and want to have to port forward your modem.
Find out what brand and model is your modem.
Google "port forwarding the <whatever your modem model is>"
Watch the youtube video how to do it. *look at the comments to make sure it is good vid how to do it.

For my modem, it was a simple "3 clicks and it's done" Dont worry about the DMZ and other things. Just 3 sets of numbers have to be entered if done manually. That is all.

User Info: F0C

4 years ago#17
I've hosted twice, It was quite possibly the most fun evar!
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  3. How come I have never ever hosted a game of GE?

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