The Identity of <>Samus<>

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User Info: GE_Samus

4 years ago#11
litho347 posted...
THEMACHINE007 posted...
GE_Samus posted...
THEMACHINE007 posted...
Hah, we had ya pegged by your connection lol. I guessed either you or Queeny. GGs

Haha, what's so special about my connection?

Well, at least I did. You two were the only ones who make my connection like that when playing.

same here. stuff like this would happen all the time:
but hey, that's the way the ball bounces.

Ha! I remember this, I searched my name on youtube and watched it a while ago. I can hear by the sound of your bullets that the connection wasn't the greatest.
Skype: Samus007GE
<>Samus<> Part of the SSB Clan!

User Info: amafifer

4 years ago#12
GGs Stryker! Kinda guessed too! Only you and the Japanese move three times faster than me! Lol! ;)
}'ifer* main 56 fc - 3405 9106 3430 }Thunder{ The Elements.{OZ}Fifer* Alts-Hypnos- ge Greek Gods clan. eXisTs.

User Info: madghei

4 years ago#13
I almost broke my TV three times on different occasions because of you. GGs


4 years ago#14
Man Im really not surprise I felt like you were the best comp I've played and I was right. I have played against Samus so much haha. Ggs and peace.
Get at me bLuR. Alt dexlur

User Info: ConBonMon

4 years ago#15
I've known since the first time you dommed me.


User Info: TobiasFunk3

4 years ago#16
Knew by connection(though I've only played like two games with you) and IP.
iS*Funke, -Apollo-

User Info: TheGELegend

4 years ago#17
TobiasFunk3 posted...

what a surprise -______-
[OZ] Legend/Legend S2... // Link of SM and <>Fox<> of SSB

User Info: TobiasFunk3

4 years ago#18
TheGELegend posted...
TobiasFunk3 posted...

what a surprise -______-

Not my fault that you all can't stay out of chatzy chats and manage your alt id's properly. ;) Unless you can change your ip's at will, it's wise to not visit any chats. RonMex and Savi sleuthed me via IP due to the first chat we used in Greek Gods way back. :P
iS*Funke, -Apollo-

User Info: FalconPunch245

4 years ago#19
I wanna know who Pit is.
Shadow Man, from the Mega Man Clan.

User Info: Kukumber_Kev

4 years ago#20
lol Stryker.
NNID ~ NeonRust
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