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User Info: WiiGamer87

4 years ago#31
Stopped reading after I saw you would not be named after wing sauces.
3DS FC: 3995-7900-5075
NNID: fitzinabox

User Info: bsbalIa09

4 years ago#32
Bagùtte dé Êifêl Tōwer des frog En ulmequre. Désole?
-TET-bsballa09 [Chief Troll Assistant]
PSN: bsballa09 tetclam.enjim.con NNID: bsballa09

User Info: Wolf122012

4 years ago#33
We just want to be recognized as a team on this wonderful game, you are expected to goldeneye and those that calve added me contact me in private, but you're all really strong players, and I admire you greatly.

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