What's wrong with using all the weapons?

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User Info: PresTito

4 years ago#1
The developers took the time to make these guns...why doesn't the community embrace such divine gifts ¿
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User Info: Gray-Fox007

4 years ago#2
I use them all. If I'm playing low level players I go Terralite Laser or preset Stauger. If I'm playing against someone using Masterton and proxys I use them too
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User Info: Joker694

4 years ago#3
Cuz of skill and lag and stuff

Also "the developers put" is a bad argument because the developers put host quitting in the game too

User Info: tommy290

4 years ago#4
Joker694 posted...
Cuz of skill and lag and stuff

Also "the developers put" is a bad argument because the developers put host quitting in the game too

The developers put your mom in the game.
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User Info: Gareth_HTAFC

4 years ago#5
Because they take no skill to use

User Info: Johnny_Utah_

4 years ago#6
I have a SLY loadout for crying out loud. XD
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User Info: PresTito

4 years ago#7
Gareth_HTAFC posted...
Because they take no skill to use

Having a good connection doesn't take skill either but we don't see you ruining your own connection for "fairness".
[Chief Operator]

User Info: VoxRationis

4 years ago#8
I gave this explanation to a set of players with less experience than yourselves, but is very relevant to this thread.

VoxRationis posted...
Within the wider GoldenEye community, the Masterton is often seen to be overpowered, because it is the best gun in the game. It deals 24.75 base damage with every bullet, and fires 5 bullets for 1 round of ammo (like all shotguns). Its rate of fire is 6.0 rounds per second, which equates to a total base damage per second of 742.50.

This is far stronger than the next guns, Ivana and Strata, which do 480.00 and 415.80 damage per second respectively. For this reason, the Masterton is generally seen as "uber" and therefore banned from competitive play (or "wars") because it kills people instantly (123.75 base damage the instant you pull the trigger, as opposed to 32.00 for Ivana, and 27.72 for Strata). These are all facts.

Proximity mines and grenade launcher are both banned because they are also seen as "cheap" instant kill weapons, and with each doing heavy splash damage without the tricky aim and detonation process of an RTM, neither require a precise aim to use (therefore often considered to not require skill).

All other weapons and gadgets are generally allowed in competitive play because it allows for a balanced and competitive environment where skill (and connection) determine the victor, rather than "cheap" kills.

That said, the only things that can stop spamming these uber weapons are a gentleman's agreement and/or the GE Police.

GG's the other day Jmy. :)
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User Info: PresTito

4 years ago#9
Well thought out synopsis, Vox. However you didn't take into account that the grenadier doesn't have an ads option and can easily be countered as a one shot kill by stacking armor.
Also, the reload time was intentionally made slow by the developers to create another form of weaponry... One that doesn't rely on ADS/aimbot.

[Chief Operator]

User Info: weaponx4462

4 years ago#10
I'll take a stab at answering Ymy: the real reason people say weapons are op is because they haven't figured out how to play/counter them..therefore I propose to the community a ban on all guns,mines,grenades and only go melee only. #inb4peoplewhineaboutfairness
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