Best and Worst of your clan

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User Info: FalconPunch245

4 years ago#61
00McQueen posted...
betaplay posted...
smooth_27 posted...
If i'm being honest, I gotta say Ben was easily the best player in iS*.

I'm with you on that one. More recently I feel like Snrubs been kicking it, but I haven't really been on enough to get some good games in.

At the other end of the spectrum I would pick myself as the worst player iS*.

I'm not sure about this and I would definitely give you a run for you money these days. In addition to me sucking anyways my new connection is debilitating.

No one in iS* can say where I rank because they haven't played enough games with me. But I can assure you all that I hold the distinction of being the worst player in two good clans.

What I lack in skill I make up for in self-deprecation.

And having never,ever been a member of iS*, and lacking quite a bit in the whole "modesty" department, I can safely say I'm the best member in both these clans.
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User Info: isforshooting

4 years ago#62
Goldeneye in my sleep!

I was at a Star Trek convention and Daniel Craig shows up, saying he's a fan of trek. Then for some reason Bruce Jenner was there saying he was a fan of Craig especially since he's the star of his favorite game for Wii Goldeneye. Craig politely says, "Yes, I think I've heard of it.." Then Jenner starts bragging saying, "It's no a very popular game, and people wouldn't know that I play, but I'm actually one of the best players in the world. I'm kind of the real deal." Then he even bragged about being in some wars. No one knew what he was talking about and he was kind of frustrated that no one else was able to engage him in conversation about it, or take any interest. I was just putting down my drink to respond to him when George Takei says, "Oh really? You play Goldeneye for Wii? I play too." Jenner burst out laughing, then he got a weird look on his face and they went away together. I tried to follow but the crowd was too thick and I got stuck in the frenzy of people trying to talk to Patrick Stewart. It was so thick and the way it was organized I decided to just fall in line to get an autograph from Patrick Stewart and then they would shuffle me to where I could get back to Jenner and Takei. As I got to Patrick he got a text and then stands up saying, "I'm sorry, I must apologize, I have to go. George says he wants to 'school me' in some Golden game." He shakes my hand with a smile and I quickly say, "Is it Goldeneye? I can help with that." He looked surprised at me, then says, "Yes, I'm sure... why not?" And then leads me with his security detail to an area all set up with wii's and screens. Takei sees me with Stewart and says, "Oh I see you brought a ringer with you..." Takei and Stewart are chosen as captains. Takei got first pick and he decides to take me, saying he's "stealing me away from Patrick" It sounded weird to me when he said that but whatevs. I took his hand and joined his team. Then Patrick takes Daniel Craig, Takei takes Stephen Colbert, Patrick takes Christina Hendricks and pinches her on her butt with a wink. She gushed with giggles. Then Takei takes Harley Morenstein who was huge irl... kinda scary for reals. And finally Patrick takes Bruce Jenner who was making a huge stink because he was scared no one was going to pick him. We start and I was surprised, these people weren't half bad! Our team was EPIC. Me and Takei were leet but Colbert was also decent, said it wasn't too much unlike Call of Duty. Harley actually kinda sucked for us, but it didn't matter. He just ran around meleeing guys because he said pushing buttons was for sissies. Patrick, Daniel, Christina were all super noobs, but super nice about it, just smiling and laughing about getting spawnlocked. Jenner was losing his mind. He was shaking with rage, screaming and stuff. At one point we were on outpost locking them in the shacks and Jenner got out and made his way over to the main building, at which point Colbert yells out, "Jenner', your new primary residence offers breathtaking views!" and then snipes him. Then all three of his team mates burst out laughing and he raged. Tried to grab the screen off it's stand and throw it but couldn't get it loose. Patrick's detail had to restrain him and then escorted him away. At the end of the game they congratulated me for playing so well. Takei said he was going to organize us to play it again sometime, with some more agreeable company. To which I replied, "Ggs Takei, live long and prosper or something."

Then I woke up.

This is the ninth time I'm posting this. I have lost karma and been warned. However, still no explanation has been given for deleting this post. Mods if you are going to delete this post for "off-topic" and then not give any reason as to how or why it's off topic, then I am simply doomed to repeat what I've done before.

User Info: ImTheLoneWolf

4 years ago#63
^ You could, you know, respond and ask why its off topic?

User Info: Thecross10

4 years ago#64
ImTheLoneWolf posted...
^ You could, you know, respond and ask why its off topic?

agree.....have you tried to dispute the moderation?
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User Info: 199johnd

4 years ago#65
Dear Hunky hot lunch

Wtg on getting max 4096 characters in your story


Harley is my alt, 'MeleeUrBalls'.

Lol @ your primary residence has breathtaking views! BOOM!


Johnny D*

User Info: arisgodofwar

4 years ago#66
i think im the worst POKEMON* atm im only at level 56 ;p , dont know any level 99 POKEMONS*!
Kalypso*RC is the best RC member.
AGOW*/RC\ ELECTABUZZ* = fc; 0244-4861-2254 / Watch out for ma Thunda*Punch! ask mr.Bont why they call me RAWGOG!

User Info: isforshooting

4 years ago#67
Gotta love the Pavlove

Sorry, just wanted to post something on topic here...

User Info: NoWeight2Great

4 years ago#68
ALL members of TEAM EPIC are the best in our MAFIA. And we're the best in everyone else's clans too!!

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