Im back and recruiting!!!

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User Info: XIII-Xemnas

4 years ago#1
Hi guys!! It's Jman here and im coming out of my retirement!!! As you can see, xiii is recruiting again. we will be a secret alt clan so send me a pm if you would like to join! thanks guys!
IGN: >Xemnas<
Proud member of Organization XIII

User Info: Thecross10

4 years ago#2
PS3: bringthe10pain
GE WII:Major Pain/S2 } Breeze { 007JamzBond 106429789364 "Death Before Dishonor!!"

User Info: MK_Kitana

4 years ago#3
hi jman!!

User Info: xX_ZeUs_Xx

4 years ago#4
Thecross10 posted...
Destiny is your choice:

User Info: Hector_007

4 years ago#5
XIII-Xemnas posted...
It's Blazeman here / we will be a secret alt clan

Those two sentences together make me lol
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  3. Im back and recruiting!!!

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