GoldenEye is your favorite game?

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User Info: VSpect

3 years ago#11
This game died after June 2011. So, no.
007chan quee|2

User Info: isforshooting

3 years ago#12
VSpect posted...
This game died after June 2011. So, no.

True Lies

User Info: tk_v

3 years ago#13

-V- 3710-7290-2630

User Info: betaplay

3 years ago#14
OP - there is a way to turn this "feature" off and good thing, it's terrible. I did it years ago and never looked back but I can't remember what menu it was in. Just duck out in some cover in a slow game and work through the controller options. Might be in camera styles. Also sounds like you might be using a preset control setting and I think it's safe to say that you can improve on the preset options with custom settings but beware that this is an individual preference and some have strong feelings on the matter (e.g. large deadzone vs. small, look on vs. off, etc.). Just work out something that feels right and experiment as needed to find your best personal setting.
iS*later et al.

User Info: MK_Kitana

3 years ago#15
tk_v posted...


Battle toads!
I win, jmy lags

User Info: greenbaby

3 years ago#16
TMac987654321 posted...

thanks! This is my favorite game for wii now!
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