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User Info: ZAV1010

3 years ago#31
This thread deserves to be stickied.
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User Info: GoldenRy

3 years ago#32
OrigGreat_Dane posted...
you got a 10-dom on Great-Dane


User Info: OrigGreat_Dane

3 years ago#33
GoldenRy posted...
OrigGreat_Dane posted...
you got a 10-dom on Great-Dane


Wasn't me.
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User Info: echrono

3 years ago#34
As you all know, I am one of the developers of GoldenEye 007. I recently co-signed ++ as being the best clan on this game. However, after last night's turn of events, I think I'm going to have to retract my previous statement. No, I'm not talking about the immature posts ++ team made in their topic. I'm talking about our encounter with an SD member and his crew in the game last night. A few ++ crew members and I decided to party together in a heroes match, even though I was busy working on another Activision game (and no, not another Bond game. I'm not at liberty to discuss this at the moment since the project is still in it's beta stages),

What happened next caught us all off guard. An SD member and a few of his friends all entered the room together. I was excited so I got the camera set up ready to record, hoping this would silence the naysayers. I knew if we could beat this group, it would give ++ the credibility needed to be recognized as formidable opponents. So here is match one, which took place on Industrial. I started recording late in the match because I was trying to concentrate on what was going on in the game and did not set up the camera on time during interval. By the way, I helped develop the industrial level. So to me, it's one of my personal favorites. Hope you guys enjoy it as much as I enjoyed making it...

Final score was 120 to 77 with me having the most kills. I was a little disappointed in ++ after that first match because most of the members didn't get as many kills as I hoped they would. But figured we'd win the next match. After all, we were just getting warmed up... or so I thought. The 2nd match took place on Archives. I felt we had the advantage here because of my Proximity Mines/Masterton. But I had forgotten that they had a level 53 on their team as well, so we would be evenly matched. Archives was one of my favorite levels to develop. It was actually my idea on making it the smallest map in the game. Lets just hope that doesn't backfire on me...

Final score was 120 to 87. Again, I was a little disappointed in the ++ team again since they didn't have the highest kill count. I felt ++J-Dawg did pretty good here though. After this, I was determined to get a victory. So I'm getting ready for another match when our host, ++MaYanSa, decides to quit during interval. I guess he didn't want anymore of the SD member and his crew. I don't blame them although I was a little upset that he did that, because I wanted to at least win one match with team ++. Oh well. Maybe I'll work on programming a host migration system. Or maybe talk to my boss about adding servers in the near future. I can't make any promises, but I will try my best to get your voices heard. Believe it or not, we DO read what people post in the forums. A few other Activision developers do take a look at these forums as well. Not just GoldenEye, but other Activision-related boards as well.

Anyway, despite the losses, I had a good time playing. It feels good to play a game you helped develop. Also it gives me an opportunity to find bugs that went under the beta testers' radar. VinSDigator and his teammates really brought us back down to earth and showed me that ++ is not the best clan out there. In fact, I say they're far from it. My advice to you ++ guys is to practice, practice, practice. And also to not make anymore claims of being the best. Because I certainly didn't see it in last night's matches. I feel kind of foolish that I said ++ team were the best when in reality, SD and the other clans out there are. So in my books SD is no longer #2, they are officially #1. I guess it's true what they say, "actions speak louder than words". And boy, were those words spoken ever so loudly.

-Chris Long,
Developer/Programmer of GoldenEye 007

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