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User Info: osellis3

3 years ago#1
For anyone who hasn't read through the other thread, the war did not take place.

SD agreed to this war a week ago, and a few hours before the event, one of them came into our chat to tell us they were calling it off because they didnt' like the agreed upon terms (best of 9 TLTK) even though these terms were known since a few weeks ago when we made the initial challenge. They had players ready to go, so lack of numbers wasn't the problem. They just decided last minute they were going to back out. So they essentially lose by forfeit (and if you don't like that result, face us with the terms you already agreed upon, and beat us).

The unstoppable juggernaut loses their first war, then will not face a clan with a 'pedestrian' 10-6 record just because it's TLTK and not TC (even when they already agreed to the terms previously). Oh how the mighty have fallen.

We wish good luck to SD in all future wars (if they ever have any).

Best 'alt' clan: TFers
Best 'conventional' clan: Probably RS
Fallen off the map: SD
DRAGONAIR* or whatever

User Info: Nachos929

3 years ago#2
Inb4 500
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User Info: Rollbar_RTM

3 years ago#3
This board is dead, please move along thanks.
The Warrior inside me is crying out..


3 years ago#4
Anyone find it funny a Pokemon member is rehashing this thread considering their history of avoiding SD since Nov. 2010?
YELARAKA (Member of RS Squad)

User Info: MERKOZ

3 years ago#5
I'm redeye;)
&.MERKOZ Lvl 56 (ETHW) "Don't run to your death"
MK SUB-ZERO Lvl 56 (ETHW) & // MacLeod "There can only be one"

User Info: madghei

3 years ago#6
You guys should just chalk it up as a forfeiture and move on... I suppose that's what all of our clans should do to anyone that backs out of wars. When an enemy backs out of a REAL war, it's called surrender!

So put some Queen "we are the champions" on repeat, and bask in your greatness!

User Info: ronXwhite

3 years ago#7
Do you have anything better to do ellis?

I told you guys 5 hours in advance, so besides calling out of work.. all your normal scheduled plans should have went off without a hitch. And stop spreading lies, we never agreed to those conditions. I said twice I would check with the rest of SD and see if they wanted to do tL2k. No one wanted to do it, we originally agreed to have TC as our mode for battles, and thats what they want to stick with. I'm not the only leader either, Daisy, Cyber, Savi, Bacon, Bud, and Oaky are also leaders, and if none want to do Tl2k, I can't accept a challenge that no one else wants to participate in.So stfu, thats like me challenging you guys to an official blackbox/goldeneye modewar, and someone saying sure, that sounds like it can work, let me check with the rest of my members. Then coming back and saying, I still don't know if the other members agree, Ill let you know. Than coming 5 hours before the challenge I set up, and saying, nah, they dont want to play blackbox officially, only for friendlies. And then me saying, you guys suck! you forfeit and your afraid! you guys have fallen off, your clan is pathetic...

Really, why would I say all that just because you didnt accept a challenge you didn't agree with.. I wouldn't. Maybe if you backed out of a challenge you issued, but not to a clan that never even agreed upon the terms. I figured most members wouldnt mind giving Tl2k a chance, I was mistaken, my bad. So take your trolling elsewhere.

User Info: goldie1967

3 years ago#8
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User Info: Nervio_

3 years ago#9
GG's last night (even with my lag).

GFs Resident Weirdo and F PROUD OF IT Skype Nervio *o

User Info: Johnny_Utah_

3 years ago#10
Nervio_ posted...
GG's last night (even with my lag).


GGs last night.
S2*much lag // iHOSTtheMOST // Putting on socks feels good after cutting my toe nails mmmmm.
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