Perfect weapon for GoldenEye

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User Info: Johnny_Utah_

3 years ago#41
Thecross10 posted...
Johnny_Utah_ posted...
Thecross10 posted...
199johnd posted...
I..... with others weapons.

Pics or it didn't happen. :O

You just opened Pandoras box!

JD is going to send pics and you should be afraid!!

Couldn't possibly be more scary than his black "party" boots.
S2*Nerf gun // iHOSTtheMOST // "Accuracy doesnt mean squat, I have low accuracy but I pwn" -- Joker694

User Info: 199johnd

3 years ago#42
I know it's a bit off topic but.....

..... Can anyone show me how to send pics on a gamefaqs pm please?

User Info: Rollbar_RTM

3 years ago#43
Hey Lady. My prayers came true, thanks God. Also, am level 56.

welcome back!
Remote timed God aka Lag God aka grenade God aka no silencer GOD.

User Info: eureka13

3 years ago#44
wow.... really?


User Info: ZappaFan007

3 years ago#45

User Info: ForeverWar

3 years ago#46
Klobb bump.

User Info: este914

3 years ago#47
.The One ... [ este914 ] ... The Only.
Knowledge Speaks. Wisdom Listens.
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