what do you get for 100%

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User Info: thunderTH

6 years ago#1
So i just got 100% and...nothing...id expect the bells to do something if i rung em all in order...but no. is that all i get?! maybe if i orchestrate the title theme ill get something out of it? but seriously, what the heck!!
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User Info: GOLD_sonic

6 years ago#2
Sadly nothing has been found so far. If Nintendo is horrible at anything, it's ****ing up it's game's replay value by giving you jack**** for doing everything. Sunshine, Galaxy, Galaxy 2, Ocarina of Time, Luigi's Mansion, this... Geez. I still really like this game, though.
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User Info: FFZeldaAddicted

6 years ago#3
^ Well, technically SMG2 rewarded you with an awesomely challenging galaxy, but you are right for all the others. Nintendo should reward us with either an awesome feature that would make it worth revisiting levels, or a super awesome secret level or final boss.
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User Info: NettoSaito

6 years ago#4
Sunshine, Galaxy, Galaxy 2, Ocarina of Time, Luigi's Mansion
but why would you expect anything extra from them games? sunshine just brightens up the land, galaxy throws in luigi for finishing mairo's story, 2 throws in that extra area (not that i've played the game...), OoT is well... a zelda game. There's normally extra things to do, and the reward for doing them extra things is the "big reward." no reason to even expect anything out of a game like that. luigi's mansion is the same as the other mario games.
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User Info: rini124

6 years ago#5
I wasn't expecting much in the extra gameplay department as I was for something like a special furniture item or a photo (Like Super Mario Galaxy) or even a house upgrade (24 items is so few T____T...to me anyway). Or maybe the ability to play as normal Kirby in Dream Land now for fun if chosen to. Just a little something over a few numbers.

Not that I've finished yet--I still have the bonus games and need to buy out the Fabric store.
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User Info: Terotrous

6 years ago#6
If Nintendo is horrible at anything, it's not rewarding you for completing the game 100%

So totally this. And they never learn. Ever.
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User Info: kirby478

6 years ago#7

what's that sign with the bell on it next to the bells that looks like it would tell you what to do

User Info: Nanabobo

6 years ago#8
I wonder if the bells DO do something to give you 101%. Like, say, if you play the Epic Yarn theme. Or Green Greens. Or the Halo theme.
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