Why did Nintendo sell Rare?

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User Info: XChaosPrimeX

7 years ago#1
I'm sure this has been answered several times but you know what? In all these years they have been with Microsoft, I never knew why Nintendo would pull something so stupid as to sell one of their best development companies. I mean honestly, do characters like Joanna Dark, Conker and Banjo seem right on an Xbox console to you? No, these seemed all Nintendo to me. Its like seeing Mario on a Playstation... it wouldn't work. All these years of missing good franchises we could of had on the Gamecube like Perfect Dark and Killer Instinct, I never knew why Nintendo sold Rare! But why did they!? There must of been a really good reason.

User Info: badgraphix1

7 years ago#2
I though Microsoft bought them out. When a company pays you a certain amount of money sometimes it's just a better financial investment. Though I do agree they messed up.

User Info: strongo9

7 years ago#3
I don't care about the devs, I just care about the franchises.
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User Info: Godnorgosh

7 years ago#4
In some ways, I wish Rare hadn't been bought out. I would've liked to see Banjo on VC.
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User Info: godzilla25

7 years ago#5
Nintendo never actually owned Rare. They just used to have a really close relationship. Microsoft happened to see a prime business opportunity and acted, that is all. I know, it sucks for us DK fans, but there is not much we can do now : /
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User Info: Lord_Malfious

7 years ago#6
because, microsoft and activision wanted them more

nintendo did try to keep them but, Microsoft are rich.
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User Info: ffdgh

7 years ago#7
...if only retro could somehow obtain banjo......
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User Info: Shinobi_Gunz

7 years ago#8
nintendo didnt sell rare. microsoft bought rare. just like they pay companies for exclusive stuff including certain games
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User Info: OliviaTremor

7 years ago#9
Rare wanted to develop multiplatform games and Nintendo just let them go. Microsoft then bought them. The end.

User Info: XChaosPrimeX

7 years ago#10
I'd kill for GE on VC, but it ain't gonna happen
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