Do you people use Squawks?

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User Info: Gustave652

7 years ago#1
I have to admit i do.

User Info: Chaaxis

7 years ago#2
Once in a while.
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User Info: guedesbrawl

7 years ago#3
i had to,and used the faq in some too
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User Info: Gustave652

7 years ago#4
By the way, is updates in the image gallery the only reward?

User Info: Fist_of_Suns

7 years ago#5
Haven't used him yet, but still have to find a few pieces in zone 6, 7 and 8
Although I have to admit that if I hadn't accidentally stumbled into the hidden alcove in 6-k where the 2 electric beetles chase you, I would prolly still be searching there. Did the lvl god knows how many times and was stuck on 1 piece for ages XD
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User Info: Reptobismol

7 years ago#6
I used Squawks at least a dozen times, but never without replaying a level at least twice, to try and find things by myself.

Only a couple of pieces I couldn't find myself were those I felt a little stupid for afterward.
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User Info: WolfAlmighty

7 years ago#7
I've used him once so far just to see exactly how he helped out, but there are still a ton of puzzle pieces I have left to find so we'll see.

User Info: thoriphes

7 years ago#8
I haven't used him yet, but how does he work? Does he only find one piece in a level?

User Info: bobfather7

7 years ago#9
I haven't gotten into hardcore puzzle hunting yet, but I don't really like searching huge worlds for that one hidden secret so I probably will.
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User Info: Sparx401

7 years ago#10
Squawks will be on the lower left-hand side of the screen and part of the HUD. He'll squawk when you're near a piece, and almost go berserk when you're right next to it (or next to a bonus barrel). Basically, he's acts like a sonar or gauge.

But yeah, I've used Squawks a lot; mostly because I was lazy and just wanted to get the pieces that I missed. However, by world 6 and decided to find all the pieces on my own, and for the most part I could...with the exception of some really annoying pieces that I felt stupid for missing.

I seem to remember back in World 4 (in Crowded Cavern I think) where you had to jump on the rickety bridge, then jump off, and get the puzzle piece that falls from the sky. I would not have thought of that to be honest. :/
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