What is the third circle for on levels?

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  3. What is the third circle for on levels?

User Info: BigManWW

6 years ago#1
Ok so, on the map screen, each level has three circles or bubbles below the name of the level. One is for KONG letters, one is for Puzzle Pieces, and a third one. The KONG bubble with turn red with a star when all KONG letters are collected in that level, the 2nd bubble with be green with a puzzle piece when all puzzle pieces are collected in that level. But I don't know what the third bubble is for.

User Info: emayer

6 years ago#2
The third bubble is for time trials, varying from Bronze to Shiny Gold medals.

User Info: suprsolider

6 years ago#3
When you finish the entire game, so unlock a mirror mode so you have to go through the levels which adds a 4th circle.
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User Info: PaperLink64

6 years ago#4
Time Trials. Reading the manual helps.
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User Info: XboxGuy1537

6 years ago#5

Time Trials.

User Info: SiIencedWind

6 years ago#6
he did not ask about the 4th bubble -_-
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  3. What is the third circle for on levels?

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