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User Info: Star_Mario

3 years ago#1
Had a lot of fun,and I enjoyed the challenge of collecting all KONG letters and Puzzle Pieces. One of the best platformers I've played, and this after I just beat New Super Mario Bros. Wii. I noticed people were kind of let down by the music, but I loved it even if it was remixes: Aquatic Ambiance, Sunset Shore, Music Madness......so many awesome songs imo. Played with classic control.

One thing I do wish though is that we got more silhouetted levels. Also, I would've liked to use more animals besides Rambi; more Rambi in general would've been better. Also underwater levels and more Kongs would've been nice. I assume all this is in Tropical Freeze.

One question though, does anyone all the different cutscenes that play in the game? Cuz I know it varies depending on who beats Tiki and stuff
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