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User Info: ericbenson1624

5 years ago#1
im trying to unlock the warp, reave, and virus powers. are there any ways to unlock them or ways to farm for them?
any help is appreciated.


5 years ago#2
for the warp power, you can unlock it by winning 30 Light Vs. Dark matches, according to the cheats section. let's hope it's right.
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User Info: MajorasMask9

5 years ago#3
Never heard of Reave.

To unlock Warp, you need to get 30 victories in Light vs Dark. This only unlocks the ability to get it at random, your best bet at actually getting one is to play online a lot and get it randomly as a reward.

I don't think there's any requirements to unlock Virus but I could be wrong. Just play multiplayer a lot and you'll eventually get it.
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