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User Info: BKXD

7 years ago#21
MKWii: Bill 4897 6348 2836
CF: Bill @ Hoosier 3394-7044-0625

User Info: Arcadew

7 years ago#22

I never cared much for Kid Icarus, so I meh'd when I saw the title, but then I clicked the trailer and was blown away by epicness. This is Sora's project so I can pretty much have confidence it will be awesome.

User Info: KingDedede16

7 years ago#23
"signs a trillion times"

*sings a ZILLION times*
"Call me a treasure hunter, or I'll rip your lungs out!"-Locke(FF6)
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User Info: ShadowTheHHFan

7 years ago#24

Probably going to be the first title I get.
Brawl is like ZSS' breasts. Well rounded for casual players.

User Info: NoPayneNoGain

7 years ago#25

I've been waiting 20+ years for this game.
This is what happens when most of your male population spanks it to cartoons instead of trying to actually get laid-BigDan on Japan's population decline

User Info: TehKrimboElf

7 years ago#26

You have no Idea how excited i am for this game. It's right behind Zelda and maybe Metroid for my most anticipated games from E3. The 3DS is already shaping up to be an amazing console!
*Divides by zero*
*World asplodes*

User Info: Thechosenwaffle

7 years ago#27
Wii FC 7615-4211-5584-3828!! Other FC's in Quotes!

User Info: nickiohh

7 years ago#28
*Sign a....bizitrillion times*

Currently Playing - SRWOGs, SRW@2, GoW3, and DoA P

User Info: A3915

7 years ago#29

I am so happy.

User Info: Angry_Aipom

7 years ago#30
I want this game SOOO bad, but man the controls.... >_> Playing Zelda with the right hand looks like a cake walk in comparison, I can't believe Nintendo is going to force left handed people to be at an uncomfortable disadvantage. For DS games like TWEWY and MPH there was a left handed option to switch the d-pad with ABXY thankfully, but now there seems to be only one analog nub on the 3DS. I was completely sold on buying a 3DS with Kid Icarus until someone told me about how this game controls...stylus with the non-dominant hand for the loss...
"I have FURY!" - Fawful from Mario and Luigi Superstar Saga
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