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User Info: nblasteroin

5 years ago#1
That CPU will be good in Light vs. Dark and Free-For-All, or just plain wack?
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User Info: Model_SX29

5 years ago#2
So long as it can fight, but isn't over-powered. That's all I ask.
I've stopped caring about a lot of things. But not Sonic. Never Sonic. :P

User Info: usaraud

5 years ago#3
Smash bros has always had decent ai, i think they will provide good training, but wouldn't rank against what proficient players...

I'm more concerned about the MPH Vets....
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User Info: RayzerTag

5 years ago#4
Was Metroid Prime Hunters' CPU good? I only remember me and my friend had a lot of trouble fighting two-star AI, let alone three-star. But that was years ago.

Anyway, if that game's AI was good, I'm pretty sure it will be in this.

User Info: kyoto500

5 years ago#5
I don't remember MPH bots that well, but I can remember that sometimes the bot were stuck in one place. I hope this doesn't happen in this game.

User Info: Crystal_Command

5 years ago#6

From waht I can tell the AI has nine difficulty settings. 5 gives me a challenge and 5 is default as well. So it shoould be fine.

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