Which weapons would you ban?

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User Info: TwiGav

4 years ago#1
Of each type...? Here's mine:

Blade - Gaol Blade
Staff -
Orbitars - Eyetracks
Club - Magnus Club or Black Club.
Palm - Great Reaper Palm
Cannon -
Arm -
Claws - Brawler Claws
Bow -

I don't use Staffs, Cannons, Arms, or Bows all that much, so...
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User Info: IAznDragonI Yan

IAznDragonI Yan
4 years ago#2
magnus club and eyetracks. dunno about the others
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User Info: TBAGG17

4 years ago#3
Blade - Burst Blade
Staff - Laser Stave
Orbitars - Guardian Orbies
Club - Magnus Club
Palm - Great Reaper Palm
Cannon - Doom Cannon
Arm - Compact Arm
Claws - Brawler Claws
Bow -Angel Bow
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User Info: danmiy12

4 years ago#4
Blade - <they are all really balanced so none here>
Staff - <none they are balanced perfectly>
Orbitars - Eyetrack Orbitars
Club - Magnus Club
Palm - Great Reaper Palm
Cannon - Doom Cannon/predator cannon
Arm - taturas Arm/compact arm
Claws - Brawler Claws
Bow -Angel Bow
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User Info: Nickolas1747

4 years ago#5
I love every weapon equally, but I love some more equally than others.

Blade - Aurum Blade
Staff - Laser Staff
Orbitars - Geminis
Club - Atlas Club
Palm - Viridi Palm
Cannon - Predator Cannon
Arm - Compact Arm
Claws - Brawler Claws
Bow - Angel Bow
Honorary member of DH. typeZERO

User Info: icicleyoshi101

4 years ago#6
blades:definately first blade, it is broken, period.
staffs:none,I love staffs.
claws:viridi claws, innate paralysis, high meele, decent ranged projectile, high speed, do I need 2 say anything more?
bows: are ya kidding me? bows are da best eva!
clubs: MAGNUS!!
cannons:predator/leo cannon
orbs:eyetracks/geminis, obvious reasons
arms:compact arm, same as viridi palm, EVEN WORSE!!
these are all I hate, every other weapon is fine with me
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User Info: ssb_master

4 years ago#7
Blade: None
Staff: None
Claw: Brawler
Bow: Angel
Palm: Cursed
Club: Atlas
Cannon: predator
Orbitar: Gemini
Arm: Taurus.
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User Info: MudkipzLieker

4 years ago#8
Blades: First
Staffs: None
Arms: Bomber
Claws: None
Clubs: MK75 Club
Bows: None
Cannons: Leo
Orbitars: None
Palms: None

Prove me wrong guys.'-'
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User Info: ElNurgling

4 years ago#9
Haven't discovered a weapon/power combo that couldn't be countered yet, so none. Altough the Value 100 First Blade has been popping up in random together matches quite a lot recently.
Martijn - inofficial pesky Claw using git of Kid Icarus Uprising's online modes

User Info: Atomix26

4 years ago#10
Blade - Crusader, but only because it's overrated.
Staff - Melee Lancer sets(for lolz), Flintlock, but only the playing dead sets.
Orbitars - Eyetracks, Gemini, Guardian, Jetstreams if people finally realize their potential.
Club - Magnus, Atlas, Capricorn, Halo, MK75
Palm - GRP, Viridi, Pudgy,
Cannon - Predator, I do not understand what the problem is people have with Doom.
Arm - Taurus, Phoenix, Compact
Claws - Brawler, Stealth, Raptor
Bow - Phosphora, Divine, Saggi
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